Problem with signature fields from Livecycle to AEM



I am moving from Livecycle Designer 11.0 to AEM Forms Designer 6.5. First impression: Great! Looks similar, some critical functionality still works, etc.

Then, a problem. I have very simple forms that need to be signed digitally, with digital IDs we create locally. We restrict each signature field by choosing the signature field -> Object -> Signature -> Settings -> Signing Certificates, and use "Specify the Subject Distinguished Name" to list the approved signers, as well as check "Require the signing certificate to meet the specified subject distinguished name". This was never a problem to update, add, remove, check, un-check, etc. in Livecycle. However, AEM Forms Designer won't allow me to do anything other than remove approved signers, and un-check the check box. (However, un-checking the box does NOT allow anyone except the specified approved signers to sign the field, either way.)

After some frustrated trial and error, I opened the XML Source, found the names I wanted to change, and if I changed the names in the XML source, it remained changed after I saved the file. However, editing the XML Source is NOT a solution that is satisfying, given that my users should NOT mess around in the XML source, and they are used to editing the names the normal way in Livecycle.

I am planning to move all my users from Livecycle to AEM Forms Designer, but I need a good solution to edit these approved signers. Any ideas?

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I will check this internally and update you shortly.