Pre-populating Adaptive Form in Workspace



Can you tell me what the format for pre-populating adaptive forms used within Workspace is?

Does it follow the old standard PDF/HTML XML structure or the <afData><afBoundData><dataRoot>... structure?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Darren,

New Standard is followed for all the Adaptive Forms. In addition to that for XFA based Adaptive Forms old standard is still followed, but in that case if you have dropped some fields form the sidekick and not from the Data Hierarchy tab, those fields will not be pre-populated. So as an example, if in your XFA based Adaptive Form, you have used only XFA based Fields then the following two XML structures are equivalent for pre-populating



But if you have some fields that are not bound to XFA, then in that case the second structure will not pre-populate those fields.

Hope I have answered your Query

Varun Dua

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