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AEM_Forum 15-12-2016

Hi all,

In my project on AEM Forms, when user selects enter new scheme, a Pop Up Text Box should appear that takes scheme number and after hitting OK on pop up, it should disappear and that value should be populated in one of the original form fields.

I did not come across Pop Up Text Box feature of forms.

Kindly suggest.



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AEM_Forum 20-12-2016

Appreciate your reply Pankaj. It helps.

I will try this.

One thing got clarified that it is not an OOB feature, but with some custom coding it could be done.



Pankaj_Parashar 20-12-2016

Hi Rama,

There is no such OOTB feature but you can achieve it using either of the following two ways.

  1. Write a custom layout which makes a panel to appear as pop up dialog using any third party libraries e.g. bootstrap. Keep your text box in this panel and by default this panel should be hidden. show the panel on change event of select field to 'Enter new scheme'. Refer https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-2/custom-layout-components-forms.html
  2. Inject popup dialog html using a client library attached to the form. Reference code is shared @ https://jsfiddle.net/nepqga53/5/ you would need bootstrap and jquery as dependencies for this. Call prepareSchemePopupDialog() function on change event of select field to 'Enter new scheme' 

I hope this will help you.