I'm not sure if personalization is the right term but is it possible to load certain sections of the form (like form theme, form field values, etc) based on the selector or some attribute of the user? i.e. look and feel will be slightly different based on the user who's viewing it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Values, fields and layout can be updated/customised on runtime based on some condition. If you are capturing user attributes via prefill data then you can place validations in the form to update the fields on run-time but again if you want to have layout changing capabilities for every other user than you might end with huge validations in your form, which may or may not impact form performance. However, you can create custom clientlibs and use OOTB rule editor to update the field style and values on runtime and see if that helps.

You can also explore Adaptive document, Adaptive documents centralize the creation of personalized, interactive, and device friendly HTML-based digital correspondences, statements, and documents.

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Please look here on how to work with Client libs:

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