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I came across this link which talks about capability of converting HTML to PDF in 'PDF Generator':


I was trying to understand what the end result of this conversion would be - Does the conversion happen as is i.e. after conversion, when you open the PDF, the fully rendered HTML page will be displayed in the PDF? Or the PDF will contain the HTML markup code?

Or is it similar to PDF rewriter functionality in AEM which uses xslt-fo to design a pdf based on content from the markup?

I had a requirement where a PDF needs to be generated based on data from custom XML/ HTML and was wondering whether PDF generator could be used for that.

Also, is this something that comes bundled with AEM?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



The end result is the visual representation of the site as it would appear in the browser but in PDF.  This is part of the AEM Forms Addon package and needs to be licensed.

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