PDF Font Installation - AEM Forms 6.2 JEE Linux



I have a JEE (jboss) installation of AEM Forms 6.2 and my client has their own custom font.

The font was placed in the Customer font directory (taken from adminui - Settings > Core System Settings).

The instance was restarted and the fonts appear under admin ui -> Services > PDF Generator > Adobe PDF Setting, under this option I:

* Added a custom setting config based on Standard

* Added the required font to Always embed

* I then marked the new setting config as the default.

I also added the font to adminui > Services > Output under the Always Embed Fonts option

I restarted after changing these settings.

PDFs I generate in java, using the output service do not embed the custom font referenced by the template XDP files.

Are there any additional settings in AEM or in the XDP file that control this? Is there a step by step guide anywhere for adding custom fonts?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The problem turned out to be the incorrect permissions on the "customer fonts" directory (defined in the server config).

Changed to 755 restarted the server and it worked.