1) We need to display stepper type input field in the AEM forms which are more like point & click interaction where user can click on +/- sign to increase or decrease the value of input in fixed increments. An image would reflect the value graphically. Ex. $1000  would show as 1 dollar image and each increment of $1000 would show more dollar images.

2) We need to show the form created above in a portal which works on principle of showing widgets. It doesnt support "portlets". Apart from  pulling information from AEM, we need ability to  save the information in forms and retrieve it in later session. The information in the forms should submit to CRM system finally. Would this be possible in AEM forms OSGi or will it need AEM Forms JEE

3) From deployment perspective, how does the number of end user affect the choice of AEM Forms JEE and AEM Forms OSGi.




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