Not able to Preview Html 5 form in Adobe LC Designer?



Hi All,

I did following setting in adobe LC ES4 designer.

Tools->Options->Server Options 

  1. Server URL : http://localhost
  2. Port: 4502
  3. HTML Preview context: content/xfaforms/profiles/default.html
  4. Forms manager Context: aem/forms

When I import or create any xdp form. I am able to view as PDF and HTML forms. When I import any sample data, The sample data is getting rendered in PDF view but I dont see data rendering in HTML form.

Why My Sample data is not rendering in HTML view but works fine in PDF view.

Does HTML view with Sample data preview doesnt work in adobe livecycle ES4?

Am I missing any setting in adobe livecycle designer ES4 to preview Html form with data?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)