nosamplecontent (production ready mode) AEM on JBoss

GPhillips58 18-12-2019

How is production ready mode (-r nosamplecontent) implemented in a JBoss installation?  The example given (java -jar aem-quickstart.jar -r nosamplecontent) doesn't apply to JBoss and domain.bat -r nosamplecontent doesn't work.

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LC_Sameer 19-12-2019

Hi Philips,

Multiple runmode like publish, author, nosamplescontent are supported OOTB in JEE installation. ‘nosamplecontent’ can be configured through LCM while configuring CRX.  You need to uncheck "Install AEM Samples" checkbox for the same.


Alternately you may modify the web.xml of cq-author ear and update the runmodes section. Then deploy this modified ear. But the modified  EAR will be wiped off when patching the environment in the future.

So the best option is to uncheck "Install AEM Samples" checkbox while configuring CRX through LCM.



Sameer Dhawan