need good example of Invoke Form Data Model Service

ayecona 01-08-2019

Hi so I have been able to now submit my adaptive form invoking a workflow. and it is sending an email with the DOR (pdf of the form) all is good …. now I want to add a step "Invoke Form Data Model Service" which I think can submit the data into Dynamic CRM. or maybe there is a different step to post the data into Dynamics CRM???

if you have more doc or videos on how to accomplish this I will appreciate it.


Answers (18)

Answers (18)

ayecona 02-08-2019

workflowuser​ yes I got the json file. before the data file path was eoir27.pdf and I when submit it would send the pdf on the email. can it only send one of them??? 😮 ! I need bothhhhh in the emailllll








you will have to do the following

Configure your AF to invoke AEM Workflow  The Data File Path is the name of the file that will store the data from the AF submission.

You then use the same name in your send email component as shown in this second screen shot



ayecona 02-08-2019

KhushwantSingh​ I have created a FDM from a connection to Dynamics CRM. i am using only one table pcx_case and I am retrieving only 1 record which i hard code into the properties.


ayecona 02-08-2019

ok so I will not use the DAM Workflow step just the Invoke Form Data in there I have two options

one is using a JSON file but how do I get that json file? how does it get created?  I also would like to read documentation about this option.


or I can use this option, which also have that check box if you want to use a JSON input.

I can see my model fields there and I have to choose "retrieve from workflow metadata" because I want to retrieve the inputted values on my form but how do I fill in that textbox? examples? format?


or using the checkbox. then I have to know again where the Jason file comes from same as above. and again the service arguments would need to be filled.


I am sure that this thread will help people coming after me I do not find any threads that talk about this Invoke Form Data Model Service in details. thank you for your patience


You do not need dam workflow step for using invoke form data model step.

in Fact you do not need any custom process step for using invoke form data model step in your workflow

that video used it for that particular use case

ayecona 02-08-2019

another idea would be to use a workflow to extract the data from the Adaptive form into a Json file and then send an email with the Json file and the pdf (DOR) attached. can that be done?

when submission of the form I need to send the pdf and the data (Json) on an email

ayecona 02-08-2019

workflowuser​  I did install the example on the article and below is the workflow it did not bring the "Set Workflow Metadata" option. when open the step it is blank. Again the custom bundle might have work for the person who did it.



So either I use something OOB from AEM forms workflow or I learn how to use or build a custom process. Either way is there any documentation on AEM about this steps process????? 

I found this on the Process Step

Workflow Step Reference

and this

Workflow Step Reference

but nothing on the Metadata Processor which is part of the DAM Workflow


ayecona 02-08-2019

workflowuser​ that is a good example but the "Set Worflow Metadata" does not exist.



will this one do the same thing??? is there any documentation on the Process steps??