Multilingual support in AEM forms



Hi All,

we are trying Multilingual support in AEM forms

Below are the steps we followed

1)created myprofile adaptive form.
2)By using create dictionary option, generated dictionary for all supported language as set in guide Localization service for my profile adaptive form.
3)on change of browser locale manually, the myprofile form is switching to preferred language.

But changing the browser locale is not recommened , so I tried to override the methods which is present inside the guideContainer, guideUtil and guideELUtil classes ,this also doesn’t work for me.
I couldn’t use i18n inside guideContainer also.

So please provide your suggestion on this.




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Can you share what you did (code snippet and all ?). Till AEM 6.1 release , OOTB the form would only render in the order of the browser locale order.

"But changing the browser locale is not recommened  "

Why so? I mean your users would be actually using different browser locales, right ?

Also in 6.1 release we have added the capability of taking a query parameter and rendering in locale based on that parameter (afAcceptLang is name of that parameter).

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Answers (2)



Hi mandeepgandhi​,

I am also facing similar issue. How do you expect a end-user to add query param for his/her preferred choice of language?

Request parameter afAcceptLang:End user isn't that much technical to append such query param.

Let's say, If a person is travelling to China from United-States, would see form in chinese language becasue browser says so. To override browser preference, he has to append afAcceptLang in query pram. If he isn't aware, will always see the form in Chinese lang?

Kindly suggest.



Could you please also respect a locale set for a containing page? I have a form which is embedded within other pages (not via iframe), those pages are created for different languages (e.g. en_CA and fr_CA) and I want that form to be rendered with appropriate locale (not a browser one).

Currently page language is ignored and there is no way to specify a custom locale provider. I cannot pass the afAcceptLang parameter either, because pages are indexed.