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I have a PDF form which was created using Live Cycle ES 9.0. I'm trying to access and fill this PDF using .Net with the help of Spire.PDF library and able to access all field expect few auto generated field.  This auto generated fields will be add in the next row by clicking on add button but field name for all newly generated fields are  same, because of this when i'm trying to access fields using Spire.PDF it is displaying only one field for all newly added fields. Also i'm unable to edit this fields, but i'm able to edit fields which are having unique field names.

Please help me with below questions:

1. To create auto generated fields with unique names I have to edit this PDF form. For this design modification can I use Live Cycle ES 9.0 or I need to migrate my PDF to AEM. In case of migration, can I migrate existing PDF or I need design it from scratch.

2. Any .Net support libraries that support AEM generated form.

3. In case of migration not required, please suggest me .Net library to edit Live Cycle form.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Please find the answers inline:

Mayank: ES9 is the end of life it's better to migrate to the latest version of AEM i.e 6.5. You can migrate the XDP/PDF to the latest version and edit them in the designer. Please keep in mind that you might have to refactor some code or UI as with jump from ES9 to AEM 6.5 you might have few things which have been deprecated by now.

2. Any .Net support libraries that support AEM generated form.

Mayank: No recommendation as such on this.

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