Maven dependency for aem-dermis-odata-connector-2.0.54.jar

awadheshv 13-07-2018

We are working on a project that requires communication with ms dynamics crm from AEM. I see that AEM forms add-on already bundles an odata connector (aem-dermis-odata-connector-2.0.54) and would like to use it instead of adding a bunch of jars. But I cannot seem to find relevant maven dependency on can anyone help? Thanks.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

sumsharm 17-07-2018

The odata connector isn't included in the client-sdk as it is tied up with Form Data Model and isn't meant to be used independently, hence you won't be able to invoke the api's in odata connector programatically.

For your use case, have you looked at​ to see if you can use the odata connector through Form Data Model instead ?

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

awadheshv 15-07-2018

I am looking for the service com.adobe.aem.dermis.odata.service.ODataConnector#executeRequest(), will have to see if this can be achieved by exposed classes in sdk.

this class is exported by aem-dermis-odata-connector-2.0.54.jar. I am trying to avid the need to install the jar manually in maven repo as it would unnecessarily complicate the dev setup.

DarrenBiz 15-07-2018

The actual dermis odata package does not exist in the client SDK package, but should provide a way to invoke it via the exposed API.

If you want the actual dermis package(s) they are located in the forms installer zip (e.g. / /