Mapping XSD elements to custom form components



Hi All,

We are creating AEM form based on our XSD schema and we found that xsd schema elements (like xs:string, xs:date) are mapping beautifully to OOTB form components when dragging and dropping from content finder, ex:. xs:string to Text box components.

Can you tell us how we can change this mapping so that XSD elements will get binded to our custom form components (say text-image) when we drag and drop?

Also, if we have two 'text' form components (say text1 and text2 components) , how can we do mapping so that xs:string element will map to specific component (say text1 component)?


Thank you,

Veeraswami Kandregula

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There is alternate way to enable custom widget via guideBridge using css selector (which should returns field for which you want to enable the custom widget) at template level.

Most of the functionality in AEM Forms is achieved via javascript (due to the dynamic nature of scripting, prefill and submit which all uses js engine) instead of simple jsp (as in case of other AEM components which are mostly static). That's why I was asking what kind custom components you are looking for.

If you still want the XSD being mapped to custom AF component on 6.0, unfortunately that's not supported right now. You would to get in touch with Adobe Support to log enhancement request for that.