Make workbench-process to render in HTML5 without changing the entrypoint




We are currently using a process made in AEM Workbench to render PDFs. Now we would like to change to HTML5 but we have to remain our REST entry point as it is. I have read other threads regarding HTML5 and Workbench, and what I understand is it possible but not as easy as to render in HTML4.

We have a fully working setup that renders HTML5 using a custom profile:

I have spent a lot of time reading through with no result.

Do anyone know how I render HTML5 using an AEM Workbench process?

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Operating under the assumptions :

1. It's an xfa based pdf which you want to render as HTML Form instead of PDF form.

2. It's AEM Forms 6.0 or greater version.

Please perform following steps :

1. Go to "Action Profile" in "Startpoint" and/or "Task" properties in workbench.

2. Select "HTML" under "Default render process configuraions".

3. Save the changes and deploy app.

Your form should now be rendered as HTML.

Please, let me know if any of my assumptions doesn't hold in your case or if you continue to face issues or need further instructions in steps to be performed.