LiveCycle Workbench and server setup

DharmendraShukl 26-09-2016


I am trying to install the AEM forms Workbench. Some of the details  asked for are:  “Username and Password” .But I am not fully sure what to enter here. I have tried default value “admin” for both Username and Password but it is not accepting.

For LiveCycle Server :  What are the Host and HTTP Port, Are they for AEM server? I have entered the default host(localhost/IP information/fully qualified Computer name) and port(8080/4702(AEM instance Port)) details but it is giving unauthorized error.

Please suggest what details should be entered .

Thanks & Regards,

Dharmendra Shukla

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Khushwant_Singh 06-10-2016

Yes, you can use the processes created for LiveCycle on AEM Forms on JEE.

If you are already using AEM Forms on OSGi, then you also use AEM-LiveCycle Connector. The connector is to establish a connection between AEM Form on OSGi and AEM Forms on JEE / LiveCycle server. You will be able to run LiveCycle processes along with existing OSGi server. For more details, see

Khushwant Singh

Answers (7)

Answers (7)

DharmendraShukl 05-10-2016

 For Livecycle create processes..can they be used as is in AEM forms JEE

also is there any way to use them with just AEM forms OSGI without having to install AEM forms JEE?

Khushwant_Singh 28-09-2016

You are correct. Process management requires AEM Forms on JEE server.

Regarding Forms Designer, it works independently of AEM Forms on JEE /OSGi. Forms Designer is required to create XSD files. AEM Forms (both flavors) use XSD files to generate PDF and HTML5 Forms.

For Forms management, AEM Forms (both flavors) provides an in-browser forms management UI. You can use the forms management UI to manage XSD, PDF Forms, and related assets. AEM Forms also supports a new type of form knows as adaptive forms. To create an adaptive form, AEM Forms provides a separate browser-based editor.

For information about licensing, kindly contact your Adobe account representative or share your contact information at

I hope this answers your queries. Do let me know if you have more.

Khushwant Singh

DharmendraShukl 27-09-2016

I understand that process management would require having AEM forms JEE to be set up, but are all the features of Forms Designer (form management, creation etc,) available in AEM forms OSGI? Also are these two (AEM forms JEE and AEM forms OSGI) are licensed separately?

Also, I assume the designer is something that requires AEM Forms JEE, Whereas in AEM forms OSGI, forms creation is done directly on the AEM Forms admin page?

Khushwant_Singh 27-09-2016

From the installation screen that you have shared, it looks like you are running AEM Forms on JEE.

AEM Forms on JEE requires an application server. If you perform turnkey installation, it uses pre-configured JBoss application server. If you perform a custom install, you can use any application server listed on the supported platforms page.

Khushwant Singh

DharmendraShukl 27-09-2016

Hi Khushwant,

Thanks for response.

does AEM forms set up require an application server like jboss preinstalled or does it come embedded with the installer?

if it requires a pre-installed one, can tomcat be used instead?

Khushwant_Singh 26-09-2016

To use Workbench, you must have an instance of AEM Forms on JEE or LiveCycle server running, typically on a separate computer. You must also have login credentials of AEM Forms on JEE/LiveCycle server. See, for more details.

From the Adobe Experience Manager Forms Database Initialization screen that you have shared, looks like you are installing AEM Forms. Correct me if I am wrong.
If you are installing AEM Forms, on the Adobe Experience Manager Forms Database Initialization screen ensure that the host-name and port number provided is for your application server and continue with the installation.

Do let me know if you still face the issue.


Khushwant Singh