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Does LiveCycle or Forms JEE have any analytics support? In the sense that, is it possible to embed analytics tags in the xfa / pdf forms while designing them in the Designer? Or is it not a valid use case?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Technically you could embed analytics into your XFA PDF, and trigger the calls using the events in the PDF and use the Net.HTTP.request libraries to send the requests to your analytics server.

However the user experience would not a be a good one. You would need a Reader Extended PDF to allow the Net libraries to actually send requests, but every time it tried to send analytics back to the server the user would be prompted to allow or deny the connection.

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Answers (2)


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AEM can be integrated with Adobe Analytics directly or via DTM.

As mentioned by Scott, See the article

Link:- Integrating Adobe Experience Manager with with Adobe Analytics, Target and DTM

// It covers integration of AEM with Analytics via DTM and integration of AEM with Adobe Target via 


I am also moving this post to AEM "Forms" topic so that contextual experts can help you further.