JDK for AEM 6.5 JEE Install



I have a question which I have not yet seen fully answered.


We need to install fresh AEM 6.5 JEE install.  Is the JDK ONLY included in Turnkey?  We went to support, we got a "you're on your own if not turnkey".   However we can't do a straight turnkey because of some security parameters (federal).


So if we use the internal JBOSS  to do a standalone install, will we be responsible to provide the Oracle JDK or is Adobe?  Is that something we can get through support?  Or does support provide us a link to get it?  


We get that you can't use OpenJDK, but the entire world seems to be going to that (including the feds!)  help on this issue would be appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Is there any ticket that you logged to get JDK? What's your AEM forms version?




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