Issues editing long validation expressions in IE11

urs_h_ 09-12-2015


Our authors face the following problem when they want to enter a validation expression with IE11.

When they enter a long expression like this

and if they press the return key to break the line manually, let’s say before ‘(this.value % 2)’, spaces only are inserted in IE11:

In chrome (version 47.*.*) after pressing return key, the reminder of the expression starts on a new line

This is the expected behavior.

Since IE11 is the standard browser in our company, the authors have additional trouble entering validation expressions.

Is there any configuration in IE11 that makes the return key work as expected?

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DarrenBiz 14-12-2015

I've seen this issue in versions of FireFox as well as IE and can't suggest a suitable workaround for Authors other than installing AEM Forms Feature Pack 1. You get the new rules editor which works with IE11 and is a much nicer way to edit scripts on forms.