Installing AEM Forms on JEE



Hello All!

I am trying to install AEM Forms on JEE for Weblogic. I have prepared the instance for the installation. I also have the property file ready for installation. Before begin installation (configureLiveCycle), I wanted to validate my Application server and database connectivity. I could validate the application server topology using following. validateApplicationServerTopology -f cli_propertyFile_template_np.txt

But I am not able to validate the database connectivity with validateDBConnectivity -f cli_propertyFile_template_np.txt

It is throwing following error

com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.core.LCMException[ALC-LCM-000-000]: Failed to validate DB connectivity
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.cli.ValidateDBConnectivityCLI.executeCommandLineImpl(
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.cli.LCMCLI.execute(
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.cli.LCMCLI.main(
Caused by: com.adobe.livecycle.cdv.CDVException[ALC-LCM-130-100]: Database settings failed validation.
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.feature.configureAS.TestDatabaseConnectionTask.testConnection(
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.headless.HeadlessLCMImpl.validateDBConnectivity(
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.cli.ValidateDBConnectivityCLI.validateDB(
        at com.adobe.livecycle.lcm.cli.ValidateDBConnectivityCLI.executeCommandLineImpl(

I can connect to the database from weblogic console and TOAD using same dbName, dbHost and dbPort; so there nothing wrong my connection parameters. Am I missing something on unix side? I must have database connectivity to proceed with configureLiveCycle?

I am stuck at this point, please help.



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