IE11 Download css as Content-Type text/html



Using AEM 6.3 JEE forms (Windows - JBOSS - TurnKey installation)

Intent to change the default login page for workspace users. When i created a new css page the Content-Type in IE11 is downloaded as text/html. (Windows 10 - IE 11)

I also tried using the ClientLib in the JSP pages link to the etc/design section, but the compile css is still text/html instead of text/css.

[not sure if this is the answer] Somewhere is read about a setting in the dispatcher "ModMimeUsePathInfo".  Not sure where this is configured as we currently directly call the AEM forms server and not using a dispatcher.

I runt the same in Firefox & Chrome. Both no issues. Clear cash, run on different machine, all to no avail.





Hi Mayank,

Do you have any update for this issue?

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From: Mayank Gandhi

Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2018 1:15 AM

To: Eric Stricker

Subject: IE11 Download css as

Content-Type text/html

IE11 Download css as Content-Type text/html

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