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vkeerthy 15-10-2015

At this moment, I have written a process where

1) User A submits adaptive form from AEM.

2) LC captures the submitted XML

3) From there on LC takes it to review task

4) Review task has two routes a) Store XML in local repository b) Map XML data to XDP


My requirement here is to print the XDP form that is displayed in review task. Do we have feature in HTML workspace to do so? (Please be advised, I don't want another route to be established from review task to "Send the document to printer").


I am wondering if there is an option to trigger a print out from review task? (Similar to we do CTRL+P from a browser). Any pointers on this is highly appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

vkeerthy 15-10-2015

This has been solved!


All I was trying to achieve is to get Print feature from LC workspace when the reviewer reviews the document. It is achieved by changing the default render process configurations from HTML to PDF. Please find attached. 

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