How to set the items load path through Rule Editor in adaptive forms , do we have any specific script to that



Hi ,

is it possible to set the items load path through Rule Editor in AEM adaptive forms ,if yes could any one share the script line for the same,to be more clear find the below scenario:

i have two drop downs

Consider level 1 and level 2, where level 2 is dependent on level 1

my idea is to load the level 1 and level2 drop down values through some paths (example : etc/designs/level1/levelvalue), i have achieved the level one through authoring by giving items load path as appropriate .

Now on checking the  level1 drop down value selected i have to set options to level2 where values has to come from path , do i have any suggestion on it .



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Accepted Solutions (1)




I am not sure if item load path property is exposed via the rule editor . I will have to confirm when I get to my computer

if not you can write a custom function and use that to return the values you need

the custom function can theM be invoked for rule editor

Adaptive forms rule editor

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