How to read XDP file files dynamically from workbench folders



we have few Livecycle workbench processes which uses fileutils service to read XDP file from a LAN location.

But now we are trying to get rid of that LAN location and upload the xdp's to the workbench application.

So is there a way I can read those XDP's from the workbench application folders dynamically based on the form number given as input.

Which activities can I use to pick up the correct XDPs and what kind of variables can be used for those activities.


Please help with this. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




You can use the Foundation / readApplicationAsset activity in workbench for this.

You can give it an Xpath for the "appPath" for example:

concat(<folder name>,"/",<xdp filename>) e.g.

concat("myApplication/", "form1")

This will return a document that you can use in the rest of your process

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