How to read a page node (under content) through a dialog

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I have a requirement to build a form page with a drop down and  a rich text box. When user selects an option from Drop down, read a value from a page node (ex. content/mypage/jcr:content/node1) and assign it to the rich text box. When the user updates the rich text value and submits, it should update the existing page node value.

Can anyone please provide me an example or sample code?

Thanks in Advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kishore

Please have a look at this helpx article:- 


// This article covers Dynamically updating AEM TouchUI Dialog Select Fields   

So basically we are updating the values based on event listeners.  

        you can use the set options method of the selection xtype. Modify your listener to something like this

                var dialog = pathfield.findParentByType('dialog');
                var selectBox = dialog.findByType('selection')[0]; //assuming this is the only selection you have
                $.getJSON('/bin/featuresservlet?path=' + this.value, function(jsonData){
                }); }" 
        The data returned by your servlet must be of the following format :

            "value": "valueOfOption1",
            "text": "textOfOption1"
            "value": "valueOfOption2",
            "text": "textOfOption2"


More Reference article :-


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