How to put condtion in livecycle workflow for getting one pdf from list of pdf's

chiranjeevik124 09-06-2017

Hi All,

How to put condition in livecycle workflow for getting one pdf from list of pdf files.

Please help me out , any one know.

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Answers (5)

Answers (5)

chiranjeevik124 15-06-2017

Hi smacdonald​,

I don't know actually condition to put for getting specified pdf from list of pdf files.

Below flow is the i have tried, but am not sure.required condition using for that.

Please have a look, please give me any inputs on same.

How_to_getting_specfied_pdf _file _from_list_of_pdf_files.PNG

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chiranjeevik124 14-06-2017

Hi ,

There is any possibility to create a component in work flow and using Xpath expression related that condition.?

Actually i had refer few blogs some peoples says like use lower-case string of file name(using Xpath expression).then we will get actually file from list.

Please let me know.?

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DarrenBiz 13-06-2017

Another way is to use an executeScript activity in a workflow that allows you to run Java logic in a BeanShell script. The actual code will depend on your variables and how your list is set up, but it should be fairly simple to do. If it is more complex or you need to do other custom Java manipulation then a DSC would be the better way to go.

You will likely need these references:

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Execute Script

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * patExecContext reference

chiranjeevik124 10-06-2017

Hi Smacdonald,

Would you please me any sample sinppet.that will helpful for me to write  logic in my workflow as per requirement.

Thank you,


smacdonald2008 09-06-2017

Write a custom DSC and put in Java app logic to determine which PDF to retrieve. A LC DSC is similiar to a AEM Custom Workflow step in that it allows you to use custom business logic.