How to make use of "Items load path" for dropdown list in AEM 6 form



While creating a dropdown list in my form I noticed a field called "Items Load Path". Can this field be used to provide a url from which it loads the options available in a dropdown list? 

Where would the URL reside, and how can I put values in that URL? Can someone please show an example? 

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I've had the same problem recently. I could solve like this:

1) in CRX create a node with property 'jcr:primaryType' = 'sling:Folder' (let's call it 'xy-lookup-list')

2) add a multi string property containing the key-value-pairs to the newly created node. The property name (let's call it 'xy-lookup-values') will be part of the loading path. A key-value pair looks like this 'keyXY=valueXY'.

3) specify the crx path as loading path in the dialog of the widget that shall use the lookup value. The loadpath is a 'crx' path like '/content/dam/.../xy-lookup-list/xy-lookup-values'. Make sure the last two elements of the path are the names of the node and the attribute.

Following explanation helped me:

Hope this helps

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I'm trying to do the same.. but not able to get a solutionusing the default "DropdownList" under "Forms"

If we use the component used in Adaptive Forms (GuideDropDownList - /libs/fd/af/components/guidedropdownlist ) this example works: