How to make any one option is required



Hello everyone

We had a requirement of single radio button in our project so we created it.

And in the form we have a question and options for that question are 5 single radio buttons which are different from each other.

I know how to make a radio button required. But here we have a requirement where either of the 5 should be choosed or it should throw an error . How can i acheive it

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If you have an Adaptive Form and you added a radio button, you should be only able to select one of the values. It looks like what you've done is create a table with individual check boxes inside each one of the cells. This makes them independent fields instead of a single field so you'd be able to select all of them. Check boxes can be selected individually, radio buttons are a group where only one is allowed.

If you want to use the same approach, on the commit event of each of your objects, you'll need to null out the other values. This would simulate a radio button. Note that the check boxes all hold separate values too - you have 5 field values instead of one value that equals the selected value. You could handle this with a hidden field.

Ideally you'd skip the table approach and use text and a radio button and use CSS to get the look and feel you're going for. If you try to show this on a mobile device it won't make any sense to the end user.