How to install AEM Forms add-on package for Windows?



I have AEM Forms 6.4 on Windows Server. Just now downloaded AEM Forms add-on package for Windows ( from AEM Forms releases, but how to install it? I cannot see anything "installable" in the zip file.

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AEM Forms add-on package is an OSGi bundle. Perform the following steps to install the package:

  1. Log in to the package manager (http://[aemserver]:[port]/crx/packmgr/index.jsp  or Tools > Deployment Package) 1526415_pastedImage_1.png
  2. Click Upload Package, select the downloaded package, and click upload. After the package is uploaded, click package name, and click Install.
    Note: After the package is installed, you are prompted to restart the AEM instance. Do not immediately restart the server. Before stopping the AEM Forms server, wait until the ServiceEvent REGISTERED and ServiceEvent UNREGISTERED messages stop appearing in the [AEM-Installation-Directory]/crx-quickstart/logs/error.log file and the log is stable.
  3. For after post installation configurations, see Adobe Experience Manager Help | install and configure data capture capabilities