how to dynamically change a image in AEM forms workflow step?

Jean-foxfly 28-11-2018

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Jean-foxfly 28-11-2018

Hi workflowuser​, thanks for your response.

Finally I had success in tests. I like to clarify some issues that I found at implementation of your solution.

After give a name for image field in "CSS Class" attribute, I failed in access it by jquery. After a lot of tries and inspect code of html page, I found that the class name was gived to DIV, not for IMG tag. After see this I make a change in jquery and finaly works.  I used this:

CSS Class attribute:  imgCNH  (give a name to field)

jquery code: $(".imgCNH, img").attr("src","/content/dam/foxfly/jean CNH.jpg");


.imgCNH - Select DIV named in by CSS Class atribute

, img - Selet tag IMG below the DV

Thanks a lot for your help. I worked 3 days before your support, and now is solved.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)


do the following

provide a css class name to the the image component using the properties editor

use this class name to set its src attribute using jquery. In your case the src attribute will be the path where the image is stored

Take a look at the sample "Merge submitted data with acroform"

In this form you can upload image and that image is shown in the image component.

You can download the code from the  corresponding helpx article