How to display in adaptive form data returned as array from REST API

sashia16734439 05-02-2020


I was successfully able to return a single entity object from a REST API with a swagger definition and display the data in an adaptive form, but I want to know how I can display an array. AEM is not able to process the swagger definition for an array or map. I tried few combinations, can someone give me an example swagger definition of an REST endpoint which works with AEM data model. I am trying not to write code to do the same as I want it to make it easy for me to add endpoints at will and form authors should be able to just use it to populate a drop-down list on the adaptive form.


Appreciate the help. Thanks.

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Your swagger file needs to define an array of objects. You can then map the objects in Adaptive Forms. In the form data model make sure you have selected return array of objects settings

sashia16734439 13-02-2020

I created a top level object which nested the array I wanted and I was able to solve the issue like this. AEM Forms data model does not seem to recognize the array defined in the schema at the top level from what I can tell. Good thing is that now I am able to get my data and use it in forms without any custom code to call an RESTfull API.  




Are you already getting the array?