How to centre align text on an AEM 6.2 Form



Hi All,

Is it possible to centre align a line of text on an AEM 6.2 Form ?

I have tried setting the Text Align setting in the Style options, which does not appear to make any difference.

I have also tried settings the CSS Override to text-align:center which also does not appear to make any difference.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Robert,

 Please refer to this article:-

// To display this dialog box, right click a style in the Internal style sheet panel, select Edit Style, and then select Caption Text Formatting from the list on the left.


Another reference article is :-

Can you please le me know, how are you doing this by CSS override ? 

// For CSS, could you please let me know, which file are you editing and which property? (Reference article:-


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