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How get image renditions in Content As A Service


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I have created CaaS and its Entity is an Asset Model. I have added list of digital assets(images) in the Asset Lists.

When I have previewed the service on author and publish I could see each and every digital asset i.e. image path for Key: dam:path in the JSON response.

If I would like to get renditions of each and every assets what needs to be done.

Here is the JSON response -


I have referred following link: AEM 6.3 First Looks: Content as a Service

Do I need to write custom service to get renditions of images for external consumption?

Please correct my understanding.


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You may probably need to:

1. Create custom Content Service (please refer Adobe Experience Manager Help | Getting Started with AEM Content Services )

2. Use the asset share component to share the Asset using the custom service.

Hope this works