hooking up custom validation

joell91868939 09-03-2017

Hi all.

AEM (6.2) Forms provides validation facilities for entry fields (email, telephone) for example. We'd like to add new functions that we can share, for more than just simple patterns. In the rules editor (visual editor) there is function list you can use. We'd like to add to that.

We tried creating this:

 *Validate pattern
  *@param {string} pattern - the pattern to use
 function ValidatePattern(pattern) {

     return (this.value && this.value.match(pattern) == null) ? false : true;

..Just to see if "ValidatePattern" would show up in the VisualEditor/FunctionsList. It *does*, but it's not called.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

joell91868939 27-03-2017

We solved this ourselves.

Basically you need to:

1. Create js specifically for validation. Similar to:

    var saveAndAddClickHandler = function(param) {
        //do something



2. Now "saveAndClickHandler" is available as a drag and drop function for your button function list.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

joell91868939 09-03-2017

Further to this...AEM uses the JCR property "validateExp" to do validation.


            if (validFlag && this.validateExp ) {
  >>              validFlag = this.executeExpression("validateExp");


        _expressionHandler: function (expressionName) {
            var expFn, returnValue;
            if (this._compiledExpressions[expressionName]) {
                expFn = this._compiledExpressions[expressionName];
                try {
>>                     returnValue = expFn.apply(this);

We have the option to override guideRuntime.js (I think) to check our own JCR property for a function we implement, but we'd rather not override core stuff.

Is there a more standard way to do this to build our own library of functions to validate?