Help with Integrating Adobe Forms (OSGi) and Adobe Sign



We have the following:

Adobe Sign account (with admin access, with an app added for OAUTH)

AEM 6.3, sp1 and cfp1 and corresponding Forms Add-on package. Running in author with SSL.

Cloud configuration added for Adobe Sign, which successfully enabled. (This also took a while and having to update the config in crxde, but that could be a whole other post.)

Adaptive form created from xsd file (xml) schema, and sign block component with signature step component

Adobe Sign is also enabled on this form

Upon submission of the form, we're always seeing the following error message:

[AF]  [AEM-AF-901-004]: Encountered an internal error while submitting the form


Caused by: com.adobe.sign.utils.ApiException: Request must be made to correct API access point (e.g. use GET /base_uris).

        at com.adobe.sign.utils.ApiClient.invokeAPI(

        at com.adobe.sign.api.TransientDocumentsApi.createTransientDocument(

        at com.adobe.aem.adobesign.service.impl.AdobeSignServiceImpl.uploadTransientDocument(

        ... 128 common frames omitted

07.03.2018 12:50:48.235 *ERROR* [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1520448646968] POST <path to my form>/sampleXSD/jcr:content/ HTTP/1.1] Could not complete Submit Action due to There is an error in agreement creation. There is an error in agreement creation.







So question is, how can we troubleshoot this? The cloud configuration was created successfully, so the access endpoint should be fine. How do we determine what the "error in agreement creation" is? There's no log in Adobe Sign that indicates any request coming through.

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