Granite replacement for 'cqinclude' xtype?



Hi, I'm looking for a replacement for the ExtJS widget which had the xtype 'cqinclude'. 

My company is upgrading to 6.0 (SP2) from 5.5 and a lot of our page components rely on cqinclude to cut down on duplicated dialogs.

I know we can switch to classic UI to view the old page properties dialog, but they do not work in the granite ui (not sure if it was intentional or a bug, but it throws a javascript error stating "GraniteClientLibraryManager is unknown" (or something similar). We would like our authors to have a consistent experience, so we're going to be training them on the new Granite UI (since we expect that to be the norm from here-on out). Is there a similar form component to the cqinclude widget? 

Also if anyone has a list for migration of extjs to granite that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.