Getting REST API headers in process running on Workbench

manug6844664 07-10-2019


Did anyone try pulling REST API Request headers in process as process variable?

I have created process in Workbench where we are consuming JSON as body input and passing few business specific header request params. I want to retrieve those header and log in server.log when process is invoked?

Any pointers

AEM 6.2 on JBOSS

WorkBench 6.2


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manug6844664 18-10-2019

do you have any script handy to handle this usecase. essentially I need to check the header request and extract to our process.

I tried creating custom component with method having arguments as Object of HttpServletRequest request type. But I am not sure how to capture it.

Appreciate your response here.



whatever you want to print in logs, use execute script service operation and put it in

System.out.println. You can call variables as well in the execute script using XPath.

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Creating XPath expressions