Generation of Unique Identifier for Each Form

AEM_Forms 10-01-2017

Is there a unique identifier generated against each form created in AEM 6.2 Forms?  If yes, is this unique identifier visible and is the format configurable?  The unique identifier should consist of a core form number plus 2 to 4 appended letters 

If I create a new variant based on a form which already has an existing variant, another unique identifier should be generated for that new variant.  (for e.g. 1920-DEL is the unique identifier for the new variant and 1920 is the core form number)

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Answers (2)

lesutton1 27-01-2017

Are you looking for a unique identifier of the Adaptive Form you're creating or the render and submission of the form?

ie: each form rendered to the end user has a unique ID / number?

varundua 26-01-2017

There is no unique identifier generated for the Form. Currently the path of the form is considered as the unique identity of the form.

What is the use case that you are trying to achieve by having a unique identifier for the form ?

Thank You

Varun Dua