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I've this scenario where I display a list of records in an Adaptive Form. On clicking a particular record, I InvokeService and pass
Ticket Number and Email address. This service is configured in swagger doc and using POST method. I'm getting the result and now need
to call another Adaptive Form and pass this data.

How do i pass this data to another Adaptive Form.This Adaptive Form is bind to a data model and in the below ImpairmentDetails function i'm getting its
json response. So i should be able to forward to this Adapive Form with the data model.

Please let me know if you need any additional details.

var ImpairmentDetails = function(jsonResult) {


guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation(operationInfo, inputs, outputs,ImpairmentDetails);



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @sureshp23286254,


Why creating 2 different AF. Use wizard layout keep ticket number in one panel and another form in the second panel and pass the control to the next section of the form after calling the FDM from the first panel. Or, keep all the panels on the same page hide all the panels except ticket number and once you have the JSON then show other panels. Save yourself from session handling and tedious design.