FormsHelper clientvalidation on 6.2



On 5.6.1, I could see that the class Foundation FormsHelper class injects the cq.forms client library on the page if the clientside validation is turned on the Start form component. However after the upgrade to 6.2, the cq.forms client library is not injected.The other validation snippets are getting injected on page (something like the following) 

function cq5forms_preCheck_defaultForm(submitid) {
    var dMsgs = "Please fill out the required field.";
if (cq5forms_isEmpty(document.forms["__some path__mainParsys_simpleform"].elements["firstName"])) {cq5forms_showMsg('__some path__mainParsys_simpleform','firstName','This field is required'); return false; }
    return true;

Any ideas

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