Font color changes, etc. in Document of Record

Christopher_Pa4 15-02-2019

I'm trying to set up a branded Document of Record for our system, following instructions on Adobe Experience Manager Help | Generate Document of Record for adaptive forms .

However, the text is very faint grey and bad for accessibility, and I need to change to a darker color.

The XDP template in Designer has no place to change the font color, neither does the OSGi interface.

How can I update the colors (effectively, the "CSS") for generated Documents of Record?


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

Christopher_Pa4 04-03-2019


No worries. We don't want to update the OOTB, since that seems to impact /libs/. We're just mapping Generated DoR to our own XDP. Thanks!


Hi Chris,

I missed your update, you can map DOR to your own template in that case which you can assign in the form properties. For OOTB shipped XDP I will have to check.

Christopher_Pa4 20-02-2019

Thanks Mayank!

My next question is once we get this DoR template updated, where do we upload it? The original is in libs, but we don't want to modify the libs files.

Thanks again!