Feature Request: Customizable Form Fragments




Form fragments are great, but I think a good addition would be to be able to tailor those fragments where they are referenced. For example a reusable fragment for surname. The title/label of this on one form might be "Last name" or "Surname" or "Family name".

Likewise a surname may be mandatory in one instance and optional in a other.

Fragments are so limited if simple changes like this can't be introduced, you end up not reusing anything but creating multiple variants of the same thing...consider the simple example above:

Surname mandatory

Surname non-mandatory

Last name mandatory

Last.name non-mandatory

Family name....

This might have to be a special offshoot of the regular panel model as if the fragment holds more than one field overriding the settings for each would be too complex.

Anyways I for one think this would be a great feature. Anyone else?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)