Exporting files form Illustrator or Indesign



Can someone please help me.

I need to make an interactive email signature for 40 people. The same template but individualised information. I created the template for each one in Indesign, now I need to export it as a jpg/pdf and import it to Photoshop. In Indesign my file is 650px by 237px, after I export it I check the dimentions and the size is stretched almost 4 times bigger. (which then in the process means the email signature is bigger than the computer screen, which is defeating the purpose) I played around with the PPI- when i export it to 72PPI the dimentions stay the correct size, but then the file is so pixellated that I can't even read what is written on it, and so as I go up with the PPI the dimentions of the file also goes up. I have seen this issue with my Illustrator files aswell...


How do I fix it?

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