Embed XDP inside an Adaptive forms

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

sobhan_sahu 15-11-2017

Hi Steve, Thanks for the help. I have two scenario here,

I am trying to find a way how can I use a submit button that is inside my xdp to submit the form data to a workbench process.

So if I go for this verify components then can I submit my xdp forms data to the workbench process?

Also I tried to render my xdp using HTML5 profiling but there also I could not use the submit button to submit the form data to workbench process.

How can I reuse my submit button inside my xdp for submitting data.

TundraSteve 15-11-2017

What you can do is go to the properties of the adaptive form and associate the XDP as the model.  Then in the Adaptive Form add a verify step, this will render the XDP.  On the verify component there is a configuration option to make it interactive.