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Hi community,


we need to setup AEM Forms 6.5 (OSGI) on a Windows Server 2016


Installation is as follows (

The user has administration permissions


1. AEM 6.5 running with Quickstart (tested already as a service, too): all bundles started

2. Installed SP3 and the related Forms for Windows (6.0.122)

3. Adjusted with bouncy castle... -> everything is up and running fine (no custom bundle, just AEM with SP3 and Forms)


If I try to render a simple reference DoR (http://localhost:4502/aem/formdetails.html/content/dam/formsanddocuments/reference-dor-templates/split.xdp), I get the following error:



Internal Server Error

Cannot serve request to /content/dam/formsanddocuments/reference-dor-templates/split.xdp/jcr:content in /libs/xfaforms/render/GET.jsp

	at com.adobe.forms.service.impl.LCFormsOsgiServiceImpl.render(LCFormsOsgiServiceImpl.scala:92)
	at com.adobe.forms.service.impl.LCFormsServiceImpl.render(



That happens every time I try to trigger a document process, sometimes there is another message, too:


com.adobe.service.ProcessResource Service XMLFormService: Process ProcessResource@3a4b75d6(name=XMLForm.exe,pid=0) terminated abnormally with error code -1073741701



While installing the forms package there is another error, related to the XMLForm.exe:


Caused by: Executable does not exist: D:\...\crx-quickstart\bedrock\svcnative\XMLFormService\bin\XMLForm.exe
	at com.adobe.service.ProcessResource.startProcess(
	... 66 common frames omitted


The file is located at the desired place, but it seems that AEM cannot start or has other problems.


Is there something missing in the server environment to start (or enable AEM to start) the XMLForm.exe? 


I re-created the whole installation several times, also with other combinations of SP and Forms, so a simple reinstall will definitely not fix the issue.


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Answers (5)



You need to install VC++ redistributables as mentioned in the documentation 

also do not double click the jar to start aem




Unable to paste the image, check the image here




Can be an access related issue or missing c++ executable on the server machine. Can you doubles check these two?




I see you have already logged a daycare ticket for this issue. We will review the logs and share our feedback over the ticket.