Dispatcher 4.2 module not available for windows 7 64-bit with Apache Web Server 2.4




I am trying to setup the dispatcher 4.2.2 on my machine that has windows 7 64-bit along with the Apache web server 2.4.

Yet i am unable to find the dispatcher module files online that is configurable with windows 7 64-bit and Apache web server 2.4 .

Require assistance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Sohumwahi

As of now for Apache Web Server 2.4 ,Dispatcher 4.2 module not available for windows.

Please refer : adobe aem cloud

Is there any specific requirement with Apache Web Server 2.4?

But you can use dispatcher-apache2.2-windows-x86-4.2.2.zip for Apache Web Server 2.4 as well.


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