Developing Servlets that access AEM Forms LiveCycle functionality



Hi Everyone

I'm not sure if I am posting in the correct section, but I have a VERY beginner question / request. 

I need to create a servlet that accesses documents (pdf / tif) stored in a folder, and then reads the barcodes off each page, and then outputs the resulting values to an output folder as a text file. 

The problem I have is I have NO clue where to start on this. 

I have looked through this tutorial:


But I need something even more beginner than this. Basically I need a start to finish tutorial that will take me through all the steps, including how to create a project in eclipse, where the servlet code gets created, how to then test this etc. 


Is there anything out there in the helpx documentation (or elsewhere) that would be able to take me through this process? I have looked and have not seen anything like this. 

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