Data entered into table not submitted when "Repeat Settings" are set




I'm creating an Address History Table. Trying to submit the rows of the address history table via the submitted XML.

When I define the Table in an adaptive form, with one row, then I manually enter a "Street Number" into the table, the Data is submitted fine.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><afData>
    <data xmlns:xfa="">
          <ResidentialAddress xfa:dataNode="dataGroup">
>>            <StreetNumber>11</StreetNumber>
        <MailingAddress xfa:dataNode="dataGroup"/>


When I change the Row settings "Repeat Settings" to min: 1 max: 5, the data is no longer submitted.

Q: Why do the repeat settings affect the submitted data?

We need to be able to add rows to the table, representing address history.

(Aside: we have the add working via JS: "firstRow.instanceManager.addInstance();")

Any info would be appreciated


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Have you seen this:

I used the XSD sample from the above page on a new form, copied over the fields from the data model sidebar, and changed the Sample panel to have an accordion layout (so that it adds the repeatable panel controls automatically) and added a submit button.

Submitting creates xml like this:


    <data xmlns:xfa="">
      <leaderName>Enter Name</leaderName>
      <assignmentDetails descriptionOfAssignment="123" durationOfAssignment="456" name="aaa" numberOfMentees="12" xfa:dataNode="dataGroup"/>
      <assignmentDetails descriptionOfAssignment="789" durationOfAssignment="999" name="bbbb" numberOfMentees="1112" xfa:dataNode="dataGroup"/>



Hopefully you can compare the XSD in the sample with the one you are using and see what's wrong. If not post your XSD here and I can take a look

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