Data Dictionary implementation

jakej40603950 11-04-2017

As per this document on data dictionary, it's used to add data from backend sources into an adaptive document.:

But there's no mention of how it does this. Is it through OSGI services? Also can it accept input parameters? 

Is there any link that expounds more on this?

Thanks. Sort of posted this in another thread but it was meant for a different question.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Please check the documentation

which explains how user can add a argument &dataRef=<xml data path> in the AD authoring or preview URL.

This xml data is based on the Data Dictionary which is used for creating AD.


Also, the following documentation mentions supported protocol that can be used to for pre-populating user data using dataRef argument :

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

nitinn18425437 12-04-2017


In order to provide dynamic data xml in 6.1 to Adaptive Document we can create a servlet or JSP which can forward request to Adaptive Document. While forwarding we can set dataRef dynamically.

Also, in 6.2 there is an OOTB support to provide data xml using OSGi services.




Data Dictionary is used in Correspondence Management for generating notices and letters. Adaptive Documents are based on Correspondence management letter templates. Now coming to your question of DD- DD provide a way to map your xml data elements with your data structure that is consumed  by CM.Customers typically would provide the xml data that is consumed by CM