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Custom parsys in OOTB AEM Form


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I need to implement custom parsys for AEM Forms. In order to do so first of all I need to understand how the default parsys has been implemented. I went through the
I don't understand how the default parsys is being implemented.

And whenever we drag and drop Form(start) component how exactly End component gets added just after Form(start) component in a page.


Please share any info regarding the same which might help me achieve the above requirement.

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Moving this question to AEM Forms topic!!

Kautuk Sahni


Level 7

Can you summarise the use case of why you are creating a custom parsys? I just wonder if there is an alternative


Level 1

Use case: I need to implement Steps in the Form. In order to do that I thought of having a custom parsys where I can control what components can be added.



Level 10

Does not look like the right approach here. Instead of trying to overlay parsys, look at writing a custom component that steps users through steps. We have a similar use case here -

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